The Crafted and Co.

Crafted and Co. LOVE to party.

We pop up all over the show slinging EPIC Fried Chicken, Burgers and Doughs.

Follow us to lock in your next fix. We make EPIC food where you are.


  • Chipotle Fried Chicken Nuggs with Crafted Aioli, $10.00 (FR)
  • Full sized Wings with our Epic Umami Sauce, $3.00 each
  • Nashville HOT Chicken Nuggs with Cucumber Mayo, $10.00 (FR)
  • Charred Corn on the Cob with Spicy Salt and Mac Daddy Pickle Sauce, $6.00
  • Shoestrings with Parmesan Seasoning and Mac Daddy Pickle Sauce, $8.00