Salty’s Diner

Sizzles, smells, smoke, steam, laughter and banter fill the airstream. In it becomes the diner of your dreams. We’re obsessed with doing things differently and creatively all things bbq, fire, and beast. To say the least.
Our marinade, pickle, and preserve game is on another level too. It’s because we give everything to process. No shortcuts are taken. Only time, attention, and high quality cuts, produce flavours this addictive. Keep an eye out for us at festivals and local farmers markets or let us come to you for your next staff function, wedding, or party!


  • Chicken Parma Grilled Cheese: Swiss cheese, bbq marinara, pickles, sandwiched between Olde Beach Bakery white bread, $10.00 (FR)
  • Fried Jerk Chicken; with jalapeño mayo and pickles, $8.00 (FR)
  • Korean Fried Chicken Dirty Fries; shoestring fries loaded with kimchi bbq, green onion and coriander, $10.00 (FR)
  • Pickle Slaw, $4.00 (GF, DF, V)